The TCS Chief II

Dual Wand Performance

 The Chief II is the flagship of the TCS line. Powered by the legendary Kohler 29 E.F.I., the high-performance blower provides all the flow you need for dual-wand performance. The additional air flow and waster capacity makes the Chief II an ideal choice for the serious restoration professional. Cleaning in dual-wand configuration helps cut down on the amount of time it takes on large cleaning jobs in half.  Another feature is the 180,000 btu propane heater that provides sizzle, even with both wands working at the same time. 

Specifications & Accessories
29 HP E.F.I Kohler Engine
Sutorbilt™ 4L DSL @ 495 CFM vac blower
General Emperor HTX 1810S solution pump
Little Giant 4 HT 180,000 btu @200+ degrees heater
250' vacuum hose w/ reel
250' solution hose w/ live reel
150' supply hose w/ live reel
175 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
1 Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wands
$19,295 Complete - Applicable shipping & taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required.

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