The TCS Chief II Diesel

The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

 Combine TCS Simply Dependable Chief II performance with the superior longevity of a Kohler diesel engine and the seriously high temperatures of a flow-fired diesel boiler and you have the new Chief II Diesel. Specially designed for operation in diesel Sprinter vans and box trucks, the Chief II Diesel is the right choice for the serious professional who wants a blazing hot, high performance, no-compromise truckmount designed to last thousands of hours with only routine maintenance. 

Diesel engines provide higher torque, so you will notice that even under maximum load, the Chief II Diesel purrs along without ever bogging down.  You get consistent excellent vacuum when extracting water, using subsurface extraction tools and other demanding operations.  The single fuel for vehicle, truckmount and heater means added convenience and simplicity.  The Chief II diesel-fueled boiler provides the highest temperatures of any truckmount on the market. 

Specifications & Accessories
Kohler 3 cylinder 1028 CC 26.1 HP Diesel
Sutorbilt™ 4L DSL @ 495 CFM vac blower
General Emperor HTX 1810S solution pump
280,000 btu Diesel flow-fired heater
250' vacuum hose w/ reel
250' pressure hose w/ live reel
150' supply hose w/ live reel
175 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
In line pre-filter box
Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wand
$21,935 Complete - Applicable shipping & taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required.

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