Sapphire Scientific Truckmounts

In addition to our own line of Simply Dependable TCS Truckmounts, we are happy to make other truckmount brands available to you. For more information about any of our truckmounts, please contact Will Duke at 770-729-7117, or email.


370SS Truckmount
All the power, half the space
Tapping into the 30+ years of experience of well-known industry truckmount experts, the patent-pending 370SS design employs trusted components combined with ingenious uses of space and high-efficiency heat exchange to simplify operation and maintenance and ensure the longest service life at lower cost.


454SS Big Block Truckmount
Slimline truckmount with true dual-wand capacity and industry-leading performance
With the smallest cubic dimensions in the industry – 35% narrower than the closest competitive unit – and complete thermostatic heat control, the 454SS delivers the flexibility and performance professional cleaners need to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.


570SS Premier Truckmount
Latest heat exchange technology for amazing temperature consistency
Looking for the added performance available from a liquid-cooled power plant? The 570SS truckmount offers all the advantages of the Sapphire line – high performance, high heat, and durable build – plus advanced triple-source heat cogeneration to produce steady, powerful heat for fast, consistent cleaning. And Sapphire's trademark MSU (maximum space utilization) design means you get the most power from the smallest chassis, greatly simplifying maintenance and saving you valuable space in your truckmount.


2500HS Premier Hard Surface Truckmount
A true hard surface cleaning machine with full-pressure, full-flow heat
Finally, a truckmount that delivers the flow AND heated pressure you need to rapidly clean tile, grout, stone, concrete and more. Plus, the unit offers true versatility: use as a powerful carpet cleaning truckmount, or for restoration extraction and cleanup. The 2500HS gives you the edge over unheated units, plus delivers more vacuum, more solution pressure and a faster, deeper clean.

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