The TCS Warrior

Powerful Performance - Unbeatable Value

The Warrior is one of the most popular and affordable machines in the TCS line of truckmounts.  Don't be fooled into thinking the Warrior is a typical "entry-level" system.  The 19 EFI Kohler engine instead of a typical 15 HP engine provides plenty of power.  And the 3L DSL blower outperforms the common 3M without the need for grease fittings.  And just like every truckmount we build, the heating system delivers consistent temperatures that exceed industry standards.  In other words, the TCS Warrior is all you need to get spectacular results on all residential and light commercial jobs.  With a General pump and clutch as a standard feature, it is an excellent choice for cleaners and restorers who are ready to upgrade from portable extractors.  To top it all off, the Warrior comes COMPLETE with wand, hoses, reels, and a space-saving fresh water tank.  When you drive away with your new Warrior truckmount from TCS, it is 100% ready to work so you can be too.

Specifications & Accessories
 19 Kohler E.F.I. Engine
Sutorbilt™ 3L DSL @ 288 CFM vac blower
General Emperor solution pump TX 1810S
Little Giant 3 HT 120,000 btu @200+ deg heater
150' vacuum hose w/ reel
150' solution hose w/ live reel
100' supply hose w/ live reel
65 gallon recovery tank
55 gallon fresh water tank
Stainless steel 2 jet S-bend wand
$13,995 Complete - Applicable shipping & taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required.

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